Pragmatic Commotion is a place where I write exclusively about my family. I keep it in a separate blog so friends and family don’t have to sift through everything else I write to find out what’s going on with us. Consider yourself a friend and get to know us a little better:

(I moved this content over from in May, 2008.)

pesky texting little sister (wahh haa haa haa haa!)
Giant Cats Terrorize Hotel! (cats check in, Barbie checks out)
he got MAIL!
rollerblade jedi vs. vader girl
PinkGirl is 50 (inches, that is. DisneyQuest, at last!)
summer music
summertime & the temperature’s rising (redneck swimming pool)
cure for blue lips (PinkGirl’s strategy for swimming in cold water)
split ends (haircut aftermath)
jedi mind trick (FavoriteSon’s attempt, anyway)
it appears i’m a little stressed (from the mouths of babes)
“carbage” and cake (mini-van mess and birthday cake)
a cow’s tongue in chapel? (ewwww)
it’s confirmed (we have GREAT kids!)
ponytails and Yao (object lessons and basketball)
the mommy who doesn’t like us and straight A’s
no record of wrongs and a little pink frog (smart alack kid and another world)
mood rings and an apple (a short story and a charm bracelet)
volcanoes and braids (explosives at school and ugly hair)
Middle School and Kindergarten in Casa Aqua (why we call our house casa aqua)
swimming lessons (the good, the bad and the fearless)
I want DADDY! (a Little House on the Prarie BREAKDOWN)
Annual Update (trivia, devotions and progress)
the imagination police (differences between kids)
Notes from a Disney Cruise (that says it all)
Chicken Girl (an assigned identity)
A Puddle of Goo and Potty Training (stages in regular life)
Jesus and Chuck E. Cheese (was there pizza in the Bible?)
Reading and Manufunctioning (a need to read and what mom does all day)

(These are listed here in reverse chronological order. For a dated chronological listing of these posts, go on over to Pragmatic Commotion and take a look under “Archives”)