looking for a facebook alternative? My first impressions of mewe.com, parler.com and locals.com

Tired of facebook selling your time and attention as a product to their customers (advertisers)?

Been censored, warned or suspended by facebook and/or twitter because your content “violated” their terms because you posted or shared anything from a bible verse to a youtube video to a newspaper article?

Have you and/or your posts been shadow banned? suffered from limited visibility?

Me too.

I’ve been testing out mewe.com, parler.com and locals.com as facebook alternatives and I encourage you to try them all out!

I’ve only been on a few days to a few weeks and have limited connections on all three platforms, but here are my first impressions:

(1) mewe.com looks and feels more designed for personal use to facilitate social connection, and is probably the most similar to facebook – again, first impression.

It allows comments, reposts (shares) and the emoji choices for likes allows you to choose from a full library of emojis, not limited to like, love, laugh, etc. It allows privacy settings on your account and your posts.

One fun option are the icons under your profile pic and banner that allows you to “click to add…what you’re eating, drinking, reading, listening to, watching and quoting”

(2) Parler is currently more political – if you choose to see “All” in your feed BUT, there is an option to view “Subscriptions only.” I would assume, that if you choose to view only the accounts you subscribe to, your feed will be significantly less political. It also has “upvotes, similar to Reddit. You can follow me there: @juliestilesmills

(3) locals.com is unique. Although you can set your account to be free to viewers (I’ve set MY account to be free), Locals seems more geared to accommodate content providers who charge a minimal monthly fee for access. Again, you don’t have to subscribe to anyone if you don’t want to. You can follow me there: @JSMPragmatic

Again, I encourage you create an account on all three platforms and give them a test drive.

Until and unless facebook and twitter stop deciding what content you can share, you’ve got NOTHING to lose.