a custom fit.

My husband, long overdue for new suits, just bought 3 at a buy one get two free sale at JoS A. Bank. The first suit he picked up was priced at over $700. He put it back.

I found another priced at $550 and after mentally dividing by three, he selected a black/gray blend, a navy and a dark green. Less than $200 each. Very nice.

Very saggy.

Big hunchback between the shoulder blades. Sleeves covering the top of his hands. Pants puddling at the ankles, the seat dropping to mid thigh.

I was immediately taken back to one of the funniest Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen was a guy wearing a suit that was MUCH too big for him. The idea was that he was playing dress up in his dad’s clothes.

My husband didn’t even look like he was accustomed to wearing a suit. He looked like he was out of place in his own clothing. He needed custom alterations.

While he was being fitted, another couple was also in the store. As I waited, I couldn’t help but overhear the conversion. The woman was very upset. “For that much money, the suit should fit.” They shouldn’t have to pay for alterations. Alterations should be included.


That’s not how it works. The truth is, these were not expensive suits. Less than $200 each? Not expensive suits. But if you are on a limited budget, buying inexpensive and paying for a custom fit can make a $200 suit look like an $800 suit.

The alterations and the “traveler’s seam” raised the price of each suit $80 to $90 each. But WOW. What a difference! He looks comfortable and confident. Credible.

Ladies, the same goes for us. Get the sleeves hemmed if needed. Take in the jacket if it sags. If the skirt is supposed to fall just below the knee, but you’re short and it hits you mid-calf, then hem it.

If you can afford high priced quality clothing, GREAT. On a budget? No problem. Either way, have your business clothing – especially suits – custom fitted.

Want to make a credible impression in the workplace? You can’t do that if you look like a little kid playing dress up.