and so it begins

nearly every afternoon the digital doppler is going to look a lot like this:

summer rain

and half the time, I’ll be crawling under my desk to unplug the cable modem because I don’t want to deal with the annoyance of having it replaced after it gets struck by lightning. again.

ya gotta mow the grass in the morning around here, folks. and if you don’t do it every week, you pay for it by pushing the mower two feet forward, pulling it one foot back, two feet forward, one foot back . . . or it stalls out.

It was POURING when PinkGirl and I tried to make a mad dash into the house this afternoon, so I actually pulled up past the driveway, onto the front path, right up to the front door (can’t park in the garage, we put up a wall to create a laundry room).

rain parking

Good times. Good times.