Why bother?

“Subscribers to the Harvard Business Review rated “the ability to communicate” the most important factor in making an executive “promotable,” more important than ambition, education and capacity for hard work.”

“What Helps or Harms Promotability?”
Harvard Business Review 42
(January-February 1964), p 14

1964? 1964? That was nearly 40 years ago. Now it’s all about technology. Right?

Fast Forward to 2002 and check out the top business school in the country – Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business. Its M.B.A. program was rated the best in the world in the second annual Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive business-school survey. In the Journal survey, Tuck graduates got high marks for strategic thinking, communication and interpersonal skills, and ability to work well in teams.

Coincidence? Not a chance. Effective communication skills CAN be developed!!!

Are you already a “great” communicator?
    You can always be better.

Do you think people respond to you because you have charisma ?
    Or do they think you rely too much on charm and lack knowledge and/or ability?

Do you think effective communication skills are a “natural” ability?
    ANYONE can develop successful communication skills.

You can't read a book or take a class and be finished. It takes time. I've been learning and (hopefully) improving for decades and I've come to realize I will never finish. I don't want to stop learning and improving. The results are something I'm not willing to give up. Give it a shot.

posted by: Julie Stiles Mills

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