We can hear you.


Why do people talk so loudly on cell phones? Why do they think that it’s okay to talk on a cell phone anywhere?

There is a place and a time.

My biggest cell phone pet peeve?

People who talk on their cell phone at a restaurant table.

My husband and I disagree on this one, so the (forced) compromise is that when he’s at a restaurant table with me, he takes his little crackberry phone to the lobby or outside with the smokers to talk on the cell. Either that or he becomes increasingly distracted from the phone call because of all the gesturing I’m doing. (Making a phone out of my hand and then fingers walking. Or even better, using my little phone hand to HANG UP.)

Step two is major “FACE” when he doesn’t move it. He hasn’t ever stayed at the table long enough for Step 3 – me making up embarrassing and overhearable comments, like “are you ordering ANOTHER drink? What is that? Six?” or “Is that the jerk you were telling me about?”

He’s never pushed me that far. I think he suspects step three. He knows me. I’m annoying that way.

What do I do to strangers who talk on their cell phones at a restaurant table?

I listen.

VERY obviously. Nodding the head. Shaking the head. Pretending to laugh at the funny stuff. Commenting to others about what I just heard.

Hey. If you don’t want me to join in the conversation, don’t make me a part of it.

2 thoughts on “We can hear you.

  1. I’m going to start doing what you do. Great idea.

    On my birthday, I physically made my husband leave his phone in the car when we went out to dinner at a really nice restaurant. (His teenage children have the uncanny ability to call every (rare) time that we get to go to dinner alone.)

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