i can see clearly now

When you read text on your computer monitor, do the fonts seem . . . grainy? Do the edges of the letters appear ragged? Especially italicized text?

On my Pragmatic Computing blog, I posted a “Pragmatic Tip” explaining how to make fonts appear clear and sharp. I LOVE the way text looks on my computer monitor now!

In honor of Works for Me Wednesday hosted by Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer, I thought I’d invite you over to the Pragmatic Computing post to check it out!

Changing this one little Windows setting can make a big difference. It works for me!

Vista users:  Clear Type is the default setting for Vista, but I’ve updated the Pragmatic Computing post to include instructions to change it, just in case someone is interested.

3 thoughts on “i can see clearly now

  1. Where do I find that option on Vista?

    Mamabug – Let me look. I just got new computers, but I chose Windows XP Pro. My research said Vista just wouldn’t work for what I do. I’ll check the Vista option for you. I’m sure there are others who would like it. Mac users – anybody know if this is an option?

    UPDATE: ClearType is the default setting for Vista, but I added the instructions on the Pragmatic Computing post anyway. Thanks for the question, Mamabug!(by JSM)

  2. Thanks for the easy instructions. I was happy to find that my settings were already optimal for clear text. Now if everyone just used bigger fonts on their blogs so I didn’t have to keep using Control-plus! Sigh. It’s tough getting old…

    I hear you sister! I just got back from vacation and as I was cleaning out my purse, I realized I took SEVEN pairs of reading glasses with me. sad. very sad. (by JSM)

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