it is what it is

okay. We WAITED to buy a boat until we could pay for it, so we didn’t have to go into debt. We bought a boat on Saturday. We really like the boat.

On Monday, FirstHusband hooked up the trailer lights, got the boat registered and insured and towed it over to the coast for dry storage. (Which is VERY cool! We call and say, “Hey, yo! We want to take our boat out today!” and they put it in the water for us by the time we get there! Woo Hoo! We also save on gas because instead of driving a Ford F250 with a 22 foot boat behind it, we get to drive a mini-van instead!) So, it’s all good.

FirstHusband drives back from the coast with an empty boat trailer, parks in front of our house and . . . the truck won’t come out of gear. It’s stuck in “Park” and it will NOT move. We had it towed this morning (thank you dear insurance company, for towing reimbursement).

Long story short? Anybody got a USED steering column for a 1996 Ford F250? One withOUT airbags? But preferably WITH tilt and cruise control? Seems we have a “special” steering column. A steering column we may not even be able to get NEW even if we wanted to pay for one. Because our truck is so very old.


and “arg” again.

But. I’m looking at the bright side. We get to go out in the boat on Saturday because we don’t have to tow it over to the coast. It’s already there. And it will already be in the water. And I’m taking a fiction book.

gotta go. off to ebay motors, parts and accessories.

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  1. Arg, indeed. The pirate ARG even! My husband is always seeking used car parts. I asked him and he suggests that you look for a local junkyard. He has replaced mega parts/pieces from our cars/trucks/minivans over the years. And he is a diehard Ford man so he particularly feels your pain. Hope that will help.

    Your husband sounds as resourceful as my dad! And my mechanic is the same kind of guy. After he exhausted the local possibilities, he went nationwide. He found two. One in Jacksonville, Florida that had sold 4 hours earlier and and another in California that sold between phone calls to confirm it was what we needed.

    double “arg.”

    so, still looking. The mechanic is checking to see out if it’s even possible to get a new one from Ford. Now that I understand the specifications, I may actually have located some possibilities on ebay. We’ll see. Thanks for the ideas! (by JSM)

  2. Oh that is a total bummer!! Sorry no steering wheels sitting around my house. 🙂
    But the boat is a good thing, and sounds relaxing!

    Just wanted to say Hi and thanks for visiting my blog today.

    relaxing. I’m hoping. Thus the book. I may need it to block out my husband. Also known as “Mr. Hyperfocus” who is consumed with the thought: “must fish. Must Fish! MUST FISH!” (by JSM)

  3. regarding Elle’s “diehard Ford man” – I thought Sears was the Diehard company?! (I better go to bed. . . I’m getting really corny!)

    So, so sorry about the truck. Hopefully the new steering column will come with sanitized keys!! 🙂 (yeah, right! I’ve seen auto repair places! Another place I don’t put down my purse!)

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