5 minute veggie chop

I LOVE my Vidalia Chop Wizard!

I love any gadget that makes my life easier and speeds up a job! I got a beautiful ceramic knife for Christmas two years ago and I used to dice red, yellow and orange peppers by hand. Not anymore! Check out the time on the little red clock.

I PROMISE you – I did NOT touch that little red clock! I just LOVE this thing! Chopped onions are a breeze!

Mine has two blade sizes, so you can dice even smaller than what you see in these pictures. And it’s DISHWASHER SAFE! The best $20 I spent last year! (and, no. I didn’t get paid to write this – I just really like it.)

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6 thoughts on “5 minute veggie chop

  1. That does indeed look like a handy gadget. I was recently given a Kitchen Aid mixer that has a chopper attachment with all the chopped things going into the mixing bowl. I’m still getting used to it, but do like the speed of the appliance over the hand chopping method.


  2. I’ve seen this product before and have wondered if it could take the abuse of hard veggies – carrots and onions are tough. I love a good quality kitchen gadget!

    Have A Great Day!


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