5 minute sink

I used to be all cranky about doing housework, until I started doing two things:

1. Timing myself. (I was pleasantly surprised to discover so many tasks took less than five minutes.)


2. Practicing a concept I’ve used with my kids for yearsbreaking big jobs into smaller jobs.

For instance, instead of “cleaning the kitchen,” just clean the countertops, or the stovetop or . . . just load the dishwasher. (click on a photo to see a larger image and check out the little red clock)

5 minute sink before5 minute sink after5 minute sink after2

Since I’m not only freakishly organized, but freakishly competitive with myself, I can get so much more done – so much faster! microactions, gotta love ’em

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5 thoughts on “5 minute sink

  1. You sound like my dd 13. She pouted the whole time we power clean. On Thursday we clean a group of rooms. I broke them up in kitchen/laundry/bath and living/family room. On top of that we do them every other week. It only takes us 1 hr. to do them and there are 3 of us to do them. She acts like Cinderlla.

    BarbaraLee – nah. Cinderella had it easier. She had mice. (by JSM)

  2. Have you ever read Cheaper By The Dozen? I love that book, and you totally remind me of the Dad, who was an expert in motion saving and therefore time saving. I really like these helpful posts.

    Okay, you and Lisa made me curious. I just requested Cheaper by the Dozen at our local library website. (by JSM)

  3. I like the “flylady’s” idea of 15 minute increments. Nothing seems too bad in 15 pieces. Making sure to give yourself a break after 45 min. of increments. Thanks for the post.

  4. Elle stole my comment! I so LOVED Cheaper by the Dozen as a girl!

    So glad you’re freakishly organized to counterbalance those of us freakishly something-else! 🙂

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