FavoriteNerds + Boo & Bob

FirstHusband is an engineer and FavoriteSon has probably seen every “Mythbuster” episode ever made. They both do what I call “scary math” while listening to music in headphones, they heckle the Mythbuster experiments, while secretly envying Jamie and Adam and they sometimes explain things to me in such a way that my only possible response is to nod affirmatively and raise my eyebrows in rapt interest and amazzzzzzzzz . . . oh. sorry.

I found this on youtube and knew they would appreciate the humor. So, this is dedicated to my two FavoriteNerds and our two black cats, Boo and Bob (sister and brother).

3 thoughts on “FavoriteNerds + Boo & Bob

  1. Being married to an engineer, and having birthed a probable engineer, I totally get this. Although we don’t have cats.

    That’s a good thing for the world cat population.

  2. I loved it!! I use the cat cuddling approach for discouraging bad behavior, but have never used the yodeling technique – I will have to try that. Considering how much my cat HATES to be picked up, this is going to be quite a fun experiment. I can try all sorts of yodeling techniques lol

    I’m really enjoying cruising through your blog – and thanks so much for visiting mine!


  3. We have two cats, Blue and Raisin, who can be both delight and hazard, and sometimes simultaneously. Husband needs a laugh these days, and I bet this youtube will do it. Thanks.

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