a little krunk

I need a little dose of “Krunk” (Patrick Warburton).

I need a little comic relief. This is one of my top favorite Disney movies. In our house, it’s not uncommon for us to reference or quote this movie.

For instance the phrase “Why do we even HAVE that ___(insert something here)____?” is often uttered when something exists and we don’t use it. Like when I’m calling FirstHusband on the cell and he doesn’t answer, I will say, “Why do we even HAVE that cell phone?”

And I frequently say “Weird” in my attempt to imitate Patrick Warburten’s voice.

The kids often do the “uh huh!” “nuh uh” banter that Pacha’s kids do.

We also call FirstHusband “Krunk” when he ends up carrying . . . EVERYTHING.

I need to watch this entire movie (The Emperor’s New Groove).

Okay. Here’s one more.

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