SisterInLaw#1 sent me some photos of the latest in footwear. These are my favorite:

I found photos of this entire shoe line on this website. Which of these “gotta have” styles is YOUR favorite? I am so going to PayLess RIGHT NOW before they run out!

4 thoughts on “ouch.

  1. Wow! My hardest decision wasn’t in which pair was my favorite, but which pair best complements my back brace. Hmmm? All right, I’ll go with the toe shoe versions. Because there’s nothing like standing on your toes all day long with a bunion and a back brace. Good times.

    Elle – LOVE that perspective! Back when I was stupid and wore 3 inch heels, I used to say, “Fashion Before Comfort.” like it was some sort of mantra. Yeh. Not anymore. (by JSM)

  2. Those red ones. . . .what was the designer smoking when he/she thought up THOSE?

    Yeah, I need to add those to my 5’10” height and my plantar fascitis!

    Linda – The designer was thinking, “Give me a C!” Maybe as in “crash?” (by JSM)

  3. Oh my. I got a similiar email forward (only mine had some really awful pictures of geisha’s feet) and can only say that my toes cringe every time I see those shoes.

    MommyBrain – I immediately want to book both a foot massage and a pedicure. As soon as possible. (by JSM)

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