lunchbox flatware

I have a double set of Oneida flatware. It’s still a double set for one reason only – not ONE piece of it EVER leaves the house.

Back when PinkGirl was in preschool, I sent plasticware in her lunchbox. Mostly spoons. PLASTIC spoons.

Then I got green and started sending (washable, reusable) flatware. I don’t know why it took a few days for me to realize it, but PinkGirl wasn’t bringing the flatware back home. She was throwing her spoon away every day. She threw away her spoon. In the trash. Every day. Because that’s what she did with the plastic spoons.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one “misplacing” the good flatware.

So I bought a bag of mismatched flatware at a garage sale for a dollar and dubbed it “lunchbox silverware.” It’s the ONLY flatware that ever leaves the house. Every once in a while, I buy some more at another garage sale or a thrift shop. Because it disappears. But now, when a lunchbox comes home sans spoons and forks, I don’t care.

We don’t keep it in the same drawer with the good flatware. We don’t even keep it NEAR the good flatware. We also don’t separate it like we do the good flatware, we just toss it all together. Take a look:

lunchbox flatware

So, the only piece missing from my Oneida flatware set is the spoon the garbage disposal chewed up. Not bad.

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6 thoughts on “lunchbox flatware

  1. Followed the link from your recent post – as I didn’t know what flatware was! We call it cutlery.

    We have a bag of 100 plastic teaspoons – they are the only ones that leave our house, and amazingly most of them come back! We are only on our 2nd bag after many years of pack lunches.

  2. Exactly what we do as well! We don’t have take away too often, but when we do I also toss in plastic cutlery that we get in to the pile as well.

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