mom’s pasta salad

This is the pasta salad my mom makes:

Cooked Rotini Pasta
Good Seasons Italian Dressing (Mix packet, plus vinegar and oil)
Boiled Eggs (chopped, diced, sliced – whatever you prefer)
Green Olives, Cut in Half

Combine Pasta, Boiled Eggs and Green Olives in a Large Bowl
Mix Up the Salad Dressing According to Package Directions (I use the low oil version)
Pour the Dressing All Over the Pasta
Chill and Serve!


It really tastes MUCH better cold.
You may want to use more than one “bottle” of the dressing.
Sometimes I add chopped tomatoes.
I use a bowl with a lid so I can gently shake it to distribute the salad dressing. This way, I can store it in the fridge and flip it and shake it before I remove the lid.

This is my contribution to this week’s themed version of Rocks for Me Wednesdays hosted by Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer. It’s “5 Ingredients or Less” Recipe week!

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