mom’s pasta salad

This dish is a staple in our fridge during the spring and summer.

Cooked Rotini Pasta (I usually use tri-color)
Boiled Eggs (chopped, diced, sliced – whatever you prefer)
Manzanilla Green Olives with or without pimentos (whole, cut in half, chopped – whatever you prefer)
Good Seasons Zesty Italian Dressing (it’s a mix packet, plus water, vinegar and canola oil)
(I don’t use olive oil because I found it changes the flavor too much)

Boil eggs (Click HERE for egg boiling tips)
After eggs are boiled, I use the same pot to cook the pasta while I peel the eggs.
Cook pasta, rinse, let cool, rinse again (You don’t want it to be sticky)

In any order:
Mix Up the Salad Dressing According to Package Directions (You can add less oil if preferred)
Chop the Eggs as small or large as you prefer
Drain the olives and chop as small or large as you prefer

Transfer cooled, rinsed pasta to a container, pour dressing over it and mix thoroughly
Add boiled eggs and green olives and mix thoroughly
Chill and Serve!


It really tastes MUCH better cold.
You may want to use more than one “bottle” of the dressing.
Sometimes I add chopped tomatoes.
I use a bowl with a lid so I can gently shake it to distribute the salad dressing. This way, I can store it in the fridge and flip it and shake it before I remove the lid.

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