“No Pudge” brownies!

Busy, busy week! But I didn’t want to miss out on Kitchen Tip Tuesdays!

My tip this week? Pick up a container of fat free vanilla yogurt at the grocery store! Then look for No Pudge Brownie mix! At my grocery store, it’s located in the health food section. The mix and the yogurt is all you need for a GREAT no fat brownie. My kids even love it!


These fudgy, chewy brownies were created by Lindsay Frucci, who calls herself a brownieholic. Back in 1995, she decided to see if she could come up with her own fat free brownie recipe. In the process, she “made and threw away more pans of brownies than most people make in a lifetime.” Her taste testers were the two builders who were remodeling her home at the time and they “took their mission very seriously, carefully evaluating every batch of fat free brownies for taste and texture.” By the time the remodeling was complete, she had her recipe!

A two inch square brownie has only 120 calories and NO FAT! Check out the No Pudge Frequently Asked Questions page for a single serving recipe and more info!

Even my kids love them!

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4 thoughts on ““No Pudge” brownies!

  1. Yes, these are wonderful for chocoholics trying to kkep from also being diabetic. Great tip. And now my mouth is watering too.

  2. I’ve tried these a couple of times now and even being the true chocoholic I am, these things still kick my butt! They are so incredibly rich, thick, and fudgy that you simply cannot eat as many as you may think you want to.

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