Can I get out and push?

Cause Fay is NOT moving!!!!

Trivia question: What’s the most over used adjective in the State of Florida? (see answer below)

This email came in tonight at 6:29 p.m.

“KidAcademy will be CLOSED on Friday, August 22nd. We follow the closing schedule of Seminole County Public Schools. There are concerns of inland and flash flooding as well as wind and possible tornadic activity for tonight and tomorrow.”

So, no school tomorrow. The kids are very happy. In case you missed it, let’s review:

(The first day of school was Wednesday of last week)
three days of school,
one day of school (Monday),
two days off due to TS Fay (Tuesday and Wednesday)
one day of school (Thursday)

but. yeah, but . . . I was going to . . . (sigh) change my expectations again.

Then this email came in at 8:02 p.m.

“KidAcademy‚Äôs Hurricane Make-Up Day will be Thursday, October 16, 2008.
Students will now have school on Thursday, October 16th.
Upper school parents will have parent-teacher conferences after school on Thursday, Oct. 16 and continue parent-teacher conferences during the day on Friday, October 17th.”

The kids don’t know about this email yet. I think I’ll let their classmates tell them when they get back to school. If I tell them, there’ll be whining and crying and gnashing of teeth. While we are all cooped up in the house for the next three days. I’m definitely not telling them.

Trivia Answer: “tornadic” as in “. . . the threat of tornadic activity” (FirstHusband got it right immediately!)

3 thoughts on “Can I get out and push?

  1. I’ve wondered before, is tornadic even a real word or did the weather people make it up? I think the weather people live for these kinds of storms. It is a little creepy how excited they seem sometimes on the Weather Channel.

    Are you staying dry? My mom and dad are pretty wet in central FL.

  2. Husband was ready to go down to Florida and push Fay up here into GA. He’s been desperate for the rain. We started calling Fay the geriatric hurricane—gone to FL to stay and stay and stay.

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