Fay, Fay. Go AWAY!

Well. The pool is full.

It’s been raining for THREE days! Alright already!

We are fine. Just annoyed. Much better off than others. We don’t have any flooding. Our backyard slopes and there’s a huge retention pond at the bottom of the hill. Then there’s a slight embankment, some woods and a river. After Hurricane Charley, the river crept into the woods and was high enough to see from our kitchen window, but it never rose above the embankment. After three days of rain, I can see the river water in the woods, but again, not near the embankment. It would take a LOT more rain to flood our house, so we are extremely thankful.

But again. Alright, already!

And I’m locked in my house. Well, sort of. I can exit the back door and walk through the mushy yard and pouring rain to get to my car, but I can’t open my front door. I came in from car line this morning, closed the door and turned the key in the deadbolt. Pulled the key out and the cylinder came out with the key.


and cha ching.

I wonder how the boat is doing over at Cape Canaveral. It’s not in the enclosed dry storage facility, it’s at the “repair shop” which means it’s sitting outside on its trailer in this wind. I have no idea if our boat insurance covers tropical storm and hurricane damage, but I would not be at all surprised if it did not. That’s just the nature of insurance in Florida. Either they don’t cover for hurricane damage at all or it’s extra.

It’s just a boat. I’m just thankful we are safe.

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