who buys this stuff? $179 soap dispenser

I love the little icon at the bottom that reads: “Good Value.”

I’m getting ready to decorate my master bath. I’ve lived in this house since 1996 and have NEVER painted the flat white walls. I’ve hung a few things on the wall over the years, but there’s nothing there now. The shower and window curtain are white lace. The counter, cabinet and sink are white. It is WHITE. Since I love cobalt, I thought I would stay with white as a base and accent with cobalt blue. So, I Googled “shower curtain cobalt” and this was in the search results.

I should buy it. I would be saving $31!!!! Oh. wait. no. I already bought a cobalt glass soap dispenser on eBay for $6.00. Maybe I should stick with that.

7 thoughts on “who buys this stuff? $179 soap dispenser

  1. I am terrible about decorating my house. I don’t think I’ve ever even bought my own curtains, just kept the ones that are already here. I hate the curtains in my bedroom, but I just feel so guilty about spending money on new ones where there is so much else I’m needing that’s more important at the moment – like living room furniture, for example. Except for the sofa that we actually bought a few years ago, we have hand-me-downs that are looking quite worn, not to mention the magic marker scribbles on the back of one of the chairs. When the kids are a little older….

    As to painting….I really need to in this house, but that will wait a while, too, I think. The six dollar dispenser is perfect!

    Rebekah – Amazingly, I found matching JC Penney, navy, thermal curtains at THREE different thrift stores over the course of about a year. I LOVE GoodWill and Salvation Army for linens! (by JSM)

  2. Oh my it’s ONLY $179, wow that is a deal for a soap dispenser. Just think about it….groceries for a week or a soap dispenser. Or new sheets for your bed along with a nice comfy pillow, and a relaxing CD or a soap dispenser.

    That is ridiculous! Go Ebay or yard sales. 🙂
    Heck you could paint the bathroom for less then the stinkin soap dispenser!

    Sandy – I’m with you – my $6 eBay cobalt glass soap dispenser is just fine for me. (by JSM)

  3. Geez, if you buy that one and save $31, imagine how much you could save if you bought the entire bathroom set! (I’m assuming they sell an entire set, right?)

    OR, you could stick with your $6 e-Bay purchase. Personally, I cheaped out altogether and get the $1.99 generic refillable plastic soap pumps from Target!

    Amy – That works too! I’m just a sucker for cobalt glass – but not enough to spend that kind of money on something so . . . UNpragmatic! (by JSM)

  4. Hey, you love cobalt? I’ve got several cobalt glass jars that you are welcome to have. I used to collect it, but have now moved on to ruby red. Let me know. We’ll run our own freecycle event.

  5. Remember some people pay well over the odds on ebay. I was watching an auction and it was available on buy it now for £189 they paid £260 for the item ! MAD! www dot photographyboudoir dot info (website link edit by JSM – these photos seem very tastefully and professionally done.)

  6. What? I have two of these.

    Just kidding. I actually take empty lotion bottles from bath and body or somewhere like it and put soap in them. I have a green one and a red one. How cheap, er frugal, is that?

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