Walkin’ Songs: You Can Call Me Al


So I can get back to walking. I’ve been pretty sporadic with the walking but the week before TS Fay, I had logged 20 miles! Then last week – only 3 miles before getting rained out. I have an iRiver mp3 player, but it was too big to take walking, so a couple of months ago, I picked up a little RCA Pearl for $30 at Walmart. (I got a blue one.)

It’s got 1GB of flash memory, which means it holds about 340 songs and it runs for about 35 hours on one AAA battery. The software is annoying, so I just used Windows Explorer instead. I get bored if I walk to the same music all the time, so I skip around quite a bit.

Here’s one of my favorite walking songs (today). This video was so cute! I love the subtle way Chevy Chase puts stuff “on” the drum stand like it’s a table.

4 thoughts on “Walkin’ Songs: You Can Call Me Al

  1. I saw the title of this post in my reader and immediately said “Ooooh, I hope she knows about the Chevy Chase video” You didn’t disappoint. Now I get to hummm this song all evening. Love it!

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