Would You Like Chocolate With That? The Icing Man Cometh

Alton Brown is a favorite in this house. He’s funny, down to earth and he sneaks in little science lessons in an entertaining way. We bought his DVDs just to get “The Santa Clause.” (I’ll highlight that clip in November or December.)

This is a GREAT clip – so many cool tips on icing cakes! And I LOVE that he uses non-traditional tools like a hacksaw blade and wood pickets! Everyone needs a hacksaw blade in their kitchen!

What’s chocolate about icing cakes? The chocolate ganache he shows us how to make and a really cool and EASY trick to write on a cake with chocolate!

If you have any thing chocolaty to share, join me at “Would You Like Chocolate With That?” hosted by Lisa at Stop and Smell the Chocolates. Don’t forget to check out past entries too!

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