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In a recent post, “have camera, will swaddle” I asked for “easy, healthy, not too expensive and nursing mom/baby friendly meals” to take to my sister and her hubs over the next few weeks. Memarie Lane‘s idea to “throw some boneless pork or chicken in the crockpot with a bottle of barbecue sauce, shred it, and serve it on sandwich rolls” sounds perfect, but I admit – I’ve never shredded meat before. Didn’t have a clue. Do I need a knife? Seems like the pieces would be too big. A food processor? Seems like I would end up with pâté. or meat pudding.

So, I Googled.

I found two methods to shred meat. Both were found on Expert Village.

Chef Lori Schneider shows how to shred chicken with a fork and Chef Brandon Sarkis shows how to shred beef with your fingers.

I love the internet.

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  1. I love chicken in the crock pot with a good BBQ sauce. I do that a lot….so easy and so good! Great idea! And yes, you got to love the internet……how did we live with out it? 🙂

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