i hate picking out tile.

This floor is was 8 years old. What were we thinking? Wood floors? Our house’s nickname is Casa Aqua, for cryin out loud.

This is all from a pinhole leak in the line coming into the ice maker. How long was it leaking? Too long, I’m thinking. This photo doesn’t show it, but the water damage continues three to four feet on both sides of the fridge. I hate picking tile.

I’m thinking about tiling it myself. I have two friends (women) who’ve tiled their house and they both tell me I can do it. Maybe. It would be nice to save some money on this.

But, I’m NOT replacing this before the holidays. No way. No how.

6 thoughts on “i hate picking out tile.

  1. Hmmm, there isn’t a way to sand and restain the floors? We had water damage in one of our flip houses and the guy we hired sanded and stained the floor and the darned things look incredible.

    I like tile because you can just wipe up a spill easily, but I dislike all the grout. It stains, sticky stuff rarely comes out easily and the sealing process is smelly. Tile is also hard and cold.

    Wood scratches and if it gets wet – well it looks like the picture above! But wood is warmer and softer on the feet. You can sand and stain wood and give it a different look. The scratches build character.

    I’m sure you had your own pros and cons list lol I’d sand and stain even in your house of water. :o) I hate picking tile, too


  2. My husband did our backsplash recently. He didn’t complain too much.

    Clearly, this can wait if it’s behind the frig, right? Mess you can’t see isn’t mess at all! (or so I like to tell myself.)

    Lisa – I saw the backsplash photos It turned out beautiful! And I agree about the waiting. After New years. Maybe after Valentines. (by JSM)

  3. Wow, such a deal, who could refuse? Does Sam’s Club have dried canaries?

    Heidi – No. Pet Smart. I’ll need a food dehydrator.

    Did I just go too far? (by JSM)

  4. Picking out tile was overwhelming to me as well. Husband did it himself–he’s a handy dandy home whiz. I just stood and applauded. Can your consolation be that this will serve as great home improvement project in progress blogging material?

    Elle – Oh, you KNOW it. The photos will be plentiful! (by JSM)

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