don’t zoom in. seriously.

In honor of my one year blogging anniversary, I decided to use a photo of myself as an avatar. I admit, being invisible has it’s own comfort level, but after a year, I figure it’s time to get a little more personal. So, PinkGirl and I were having some fun with the camera, trying to get a good blog photo of me.

We took these last week. I give up. I can’t choose.

FirstHusband says these three show my personality:




But I’m leaning toward the very first photo we took . . .


Looking for feedback, people, this is my FACE. On the INTERNET. Where people can zoom in. and see wrinkles. eek.

12 thoughts on “don’t zoom in. seriously.

  1. You don’t have black hair?! Isn’t it funny how we get an image in our mind of someone from their blog and their emails and their name! LOL

    They all look great. I like #2. Actually, I like all of them.

    I can’t believe you don’t have short black hair. . . .!

    Linda – Didn’t anyone ever tell you? You can have ANY color hair you want! Actually, it’s pretty close to my natural color, but with highlights. But not short. I change my mind too much. I wear it up, down, back, straight, curly and sometimes . . . BIG. But I don’t have a photo of the “big.” I’m still lookin. (by JSM)

  2. You look just like I pictured you! How funny is that? I think #4 is the best because of the angle and the fact that you are a bit off-center (this is good, google the rule of thirds for more details). I like #3 almost as well for the opposite reason – you are facing exactly forward and centered. My natural symmetrical nature approves. #1 is too washed out and #2 just doesn’t seem flattering at all (you look tired and annoyed). There’s my four cents – two cents plus a two cent tip! (-: P.S. I don’t really look anything like my main avatar picture. That was my “professional” shot for my business cards – and I still love it! – but if you met me on the street or at school, I would NOT look like that!

  3. 1. You don’t have DARK hair! I totally pictured you with really dark hair.
    2. You are really brave! I may talk about really big things, but you will only see a little picture of me. No close ups of MY wrinkles!
    3. Inside and out, you are very pretty! And I love your hazel eyes. (yes, I zoomed!)

  4. I think everyone looks like me lol So you had brownish-blonde hair and brown eyes.

    I like #3 because it’s straight on…but I really like #4 best because it’s kind of sassy and your mouth looks real soft. I’m with Debbie on this one.

    Thanks for the photo of you — It’s so much fun to put a face to a name.

  5. I have to laugh that you have reddish hair! My pick for my daughter’s first name was Julie, but when she was born with strawberry blond hair, I went with hubby’s choice, because every one knows Julies are blond or brownettes! lol

    I kind of like #2–a little mysterious–or #1, because I think angles are better than straight-ons.

    And can’t you photo-shop out the wrinkles if you wanted to? Not that there’s anything wrong with life-lines on your face!

  6. The eyes have it, baby! Startlingly, pragmatically engaging. What fun. I am loving the pics.

    I’m considering my own new bravery with the pictures, but you’re right, this type of anonymity has its own shelter. Am I ready to go out from under? Don’t know yet.

    And it would definitely have to be done after a haircut–it’s crazy right now.

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