I’m a sucker for a baby.


I don’t mind him raiding the squirrel feeder as long as he leaves the bird feeders up.

Cute Little Creep, isn’t he? PinkGirl thinks so too.

4 thoughts on “I’m a sucker for a baby.

  1. Sorry to disagree, but in our experience, raccoons are NOT cute. They can get huge – as big as large dogs. And the havoc they can wreak on roofs and in attics is not fun. And they can be bold and dangerous.

    Linda – oh, the squirrel feeder is a DIVERSION. We back up to the woods and a RIVER. The raccoons, squirrels and deer have come into our yard since we moved here nearly 13 years ago. In the winter, it’s nearly every night. We will NEVER keep them out. This tree is away from the house. If they find something easy to get to at the tree, they don’t wreak havoc near the house or in the garbage. (We have some solid locking garbage cans and we NEVER put bagged trash outside.) They will also leave the bird feeders alone – even though they are in the same tree.

    Same with the deer. If we can stop them at the tree, they don’t eat my roses. (by JSM)

  2. I totally agree – they are adorable! and then they turn into garbage rats lol I took some pictures of three babies that were hanging out around my mom’s place last summer. I couldn’t resist.

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