it’s a little “chili”

White chicken chili, that is.

I think it may be cold every where in the U.S. right now, and I don’t pretend to be whining. I actually like it. But of course, I have heat and snow doesn’t blanket Florida. I grouse about hurricanes and humidity, not cold weather.

The freeze warning last night? You know, take in your plants, blah, blah, blah. No need.


Basketballs don’t die.

We had a fire in the fireplace last night and the first chili of the season. I wanted to have white chicken chili, but as I was doing my impression of a short person trying to see on the top shelf at the grocery store, the manager stepped up behind me and asked if he could help me find something.

“White chicken chili mix?”

He copied my impression of a short person, made a “sorry” face and apologized.

“I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought of chili tonight.”

Another (taller) manager was with him and, after sliding her hand across and back the top shelf (show-off) she said:

“Well we should have thought of it too – it’s only freezing outside. Of course people would want to make chili.”

So I made the standard “Chilio” chili instead. (They were out of those packets too, I just had some at home.)

I’m hoping to score some white chicken chili packets today at another grocery store. This is how easy it is:


It needs to simmer a little, but the prep is only 5 minutes if you use the canned chicken (from Sam’s Club) and the canned beans. I’m hoping to make a double batch. A little corn bread, some s’mores and smears over the fire for dessert . . . that, combined with no athletic practices and some family night American Idol watching.

Shoot. We might even take the Christmas tree down. Yes. Yes, I said it. No judging. Our family rule is “if you’re not willing to help, you’re not allowed to complain.”

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4 thoughts on “it’s a little “chili”

  1. Never heard of white chilli chicken – is my life complete?

    In answer to your question about my pic on my blog today – no, no breath visible, that usually disappears around 9am here, unless it stays below freezing all day.

  2. I love love love the basketball in the planter. That is totally something that would be living at my house.

    I have never heard of white chili chicken either. don’t mind me, I live in a cave.

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