Don’t File Paper. Revisited & Modified.

It’s January, time to shred 2001. At the advice of my accountant, I keep documents 7 years. As I rotate 2008 into storage, I’m reminded of a three part series I wrote entitled “Don’t File Paper at Home Anymore.”

If you are SICK of managing the paper in your house, check it out.

Don’t File Paper at Home Anymore, Part 1
Don’t File Paper at Home Anymore, Part 2
Don’t File Paper at Home Anymore, Part 3

We’ve made one modification to the process this year.

We now throw away all the receipts we don’t need. Why were we keeping grocery store and restaurant receipts? Why were we keeping receipts for household cleaning products and stuff we weren’t going to return?

Many of the expenses we need to track are on our bank statement. We now only keep business receipts. We don’t even need to shred many of them because they don’t show our account numbers.

ahhh. I love getting rid of paper.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t File Paper. Revisited & Modified.

  1. Hi Julie!
    How did we find ourselves “together” at the end of the list this week, instead of at the top? Obviously our great minds think alike! Receipts from the grocery story make me a crazy person, I find them lying everywhere!
    Have a great week!

  2. AWESOME system – I’m definitely going to incorporate some of this into my monster “filing” system. Thanks!!!

  3. I love books. I just cannot get the same satisfaction reading them online as I can curling up with the paper version. Otherwise, paper is largely evil.

    Long live online banking, PDF Creator (free)for printing to an electronic FILE, and garbage cans.

  4. I don’t think we could find 2001 things if I tried. I wasn’t in charge in 2001. 2007, 2008 – we have those and barely a receipt anywhere though, I never remember to save them.

    If I were freakishly organized I would so be doing this, but I have to say, I’ve learned so much from you and that is one of the reasons why my 2008 paperwork is pretty good!

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