feed the birds, tuppence a bag.

Two of my favorites visited at the same time this morning – a tufted titmouse and a woodpecker. A red bellied woodpecker from what I could see. The titmouse is my true favorite, but he is so much cuter when he’s fatter. I’ll have to work on that.


This is why I filled the squirrel feeder last night. The raccoon left all the bird feeders up and full! He didn’t even raid the suet! Of course the shriveled blackberries I left on top of the squirrel feeder are long gone this morning.

So anyone know how to attract blue jays? Do I even want to? I just love the different sounds they make. One in particular reminds me of an old school yard swing. You know, the noise those old metal swings used to make as they went up and back? Wikipedia refers to it like this:

“One of the most distinctive calls of this type is often referred to as the sound “the rusty pump” owing to its squeaky resemblance to the sound of an old hand-operated water pump.”

I like my nostalgic reference better.

4 thoughts on “feed the birds, tuppence a bag.

  1. Super photos.

    We don’t get too many birds feeding in our own garden (maybe not helped by our cat) just the odd robin, but up at our holiday cottage our neighbour has SO MANY all feeding. Mainly wrens and blue tits.

  2. My parents leave out all their table scraps and have tons of bluejays. They’re mean. They even chase my parent’s cats.

  3. Yes, bluejays are little meanies. I didn’t know you had to work at attracting them. I put songbird feed in my feeders and we have bluejays and cardinals galore.

    Is that what those fat little birds are? I always wondered.

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