let the testing begin.

In my quest to triumph over the fibroid tumors:

Action: Annual appointment today wherein I told the doc of my desire to rid myself of the pesky fibroid tumors.

Action: Ultrasounds tomorrow (and yes, that would be more than one.)

Action: Biopsy scheduled in two weeks. (I’m trying to move that up.)

Other “Action” items?

Action: FavoriteSon to the doctor and bloodwork today for nagging, dragging allergy-like symptoms.

Action: Walked twenty minutes for the second day in a row.

Action: Strength training with my trainer three times/hours last week.

I need to schedule my annual mammogram, make an appointment with an allergist for FavoriteSon and an appointment for PinkGirl to have a cavity filled. Until I actually schedule and/or DO these things, they don’t qualify for action items in my book.

I wonder if my “word” for the year should have been “co-pay” or “deductible” instead of “ACTION.”

And just a question – Have you ever had surgery and have no memory of it at all? It turns out I had surgery in 2006 to have a uterine polyp removed. Who knew? Lucky for me my doctor keeps records.

5 thoughts on “let the testing begin.

  1. Oh Julie, girl I am praying for you… wow!!!

    I have had surgery, but it was when I was 3 and that doesn’t count.. and I do remember going to sleep and waking up… that’s all… but like I said that just doesn’t count does it? Not like your kind… So so excellent that you are taking your health by storm tho… keep going, mama! You can do it!

  2. Way to go on the action. I hope you can get everything taken care of quickly.

    Was your surgery maybe an out-patient type of thing where you weren’t put under? Maybe it was so non-surgical feeling that it was more like a regular exam?

    Really I can’t help you with the missing surgery thing. I’ve had 3 surgeries, 2 of which resulted in babies (c-sections) so I couldn’t forget those! The other surgery I had was to remove an ovary that had become engulfed in a cantaloupe-sized tumor. I don’t remember the *actual* surgery, but I remember having it done.

  3. If I had a surgery I didn’t remember, I don’t remember. I did have 6 wisdom teeth though.

    You are doing very very well on your action items – and I find it very interesting that the things that need to be addressed all seem to be medical in some way or the other. It’s the medical stuff that seems the hardest to do – so I’m so happy that you’ve got the whole family actioned up and co-payed. Excellent!

    I had my first mammogram last year – it was a piece of cake. Just make sure you schedule it when you won’t be tender 🙂

    I hope ultrasounds go well.

  4. If you don’t remember, how do you know your doctor’s records are accurate? Maybe someone in the office put the information on the wrong chart.

    You might want to check that out with friends, hubby, appointment book, checkbook, etc.

    Stephanie – Yep. It’s right there in my calendar (electronic). April 28, 2006. I just flat out forgot about it. (by JSM)

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