singing in a shower. kinda.

Wednesday was a total surprise. My entire schedule changed on Tuesday around 5:30 p.m. when Full Sail called me and asked if I could fill in for a recording session because the scheduled artists canceled. The session was 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 on Wednesday. I almost said no because I’m still on cold medicine and my voice is a little gravely and thin. But, sticking to my “preparation meets opportunity” mindset, I said yes and spent all Wednesday morning warming up, selecting songs and printing lyrics for the session. My expectation was that I would hear exactly what I needed to work on and those expectations were definitely met. There’s one song I do that’s very upbeat, kinda honky tonk and bluesy at the same time. I can get away with so much more in live performance because of the fun lyrics and the energy from the audience, but when it’s just me in a soundproof room – eek. I’ve got some SERIOUS work to do.

FSInstructorEngineer was talking with me after the session, throwing out the appropriate and somewhat obligatory compliments, but I knew he was blowing rainbows. I mentioned that I planned to work with a vocal coach and he made a recommendation that I think I’ll take. This coach has worked with some names I recognized and also works with Disney vocalists. I asked if he would work with someone like me and FSInstructorEngineer yes, so . . . I’ll call and see what happens.

When I asked for a referral for a recording project, FSInstructorEngineer said he would be interested and we should talk. I told him I wasn’t ready and he said I’m closer than I think. I don’t agree. I’m “good enough” but if you know me at all – “good enough” does NOT work for me. If I don’t have the sound, I’m not going to allow someone to give it to me using technology. At some point EVERYone sounds good with a little reverb. I refuse to make a CD that sounds like I recorded the entire thing in a tiled shower.

So, that said. Here’s a clip from one of the songs I recorded yesterday. This is a called a “rough cut” which means that it hasn’t been mixed by a professional. It’s just me and the background music and whatever the students did with it. Which is why it sounds like I’m in a shower.

5 thoughts on “singing in a shower. kinda.

  1. Ok…the last post where you mentioned putting vocals online was browsed quickly, but is still basically hanging around in my google read waiting to be read/listened to. I’m definitely going to run right over there soon!

    Jules – your voice is gorgeous! Sure, there were a few notes that were a teensy bit flat to my ear, but the tone was great with just the right amount of color in your voice. (I am NOT a fan of over vibrato’d sound, but it’s probably because I have a straight tone!)

    Looking forward to hearing more – and buying your CD someday! (-:

  2. Oh, yeah, I’d buy your CD. As is. Right now. And if you’re going to work with a voice coach, I can’t wait to hear how you sound afterwards!

    That’s SOME action you’ve got going there!

  3. I know I am a bit late posting on this…..but it sounds great! 🙂
    My hubby does a lot of recording projects at our house, he has a ton of equipment, and I know the whole process is very time consuming.
    Good for you for posting this and pursuing it! You go girl!

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