warning: I failed submission school.

I showed FirstHusband and he said:

“That’s totally sexist and wrong. Even in satire.”

good answer, honey. But I remember THIS.

He’s better at work. (I hope.) I once taught a cultural competence seminar at his place of business. The main gist of it, in layman’s terms, is this:

It doesn’t matter what you think or feel about other races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions . . . These are the behavioral expectations in the workplace: bam, bam, bam and so on. Grow up and deal with it.

I said it was in layman’s terms.

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9 thoughts on “warning: I failed submission school.

  1. What a great way to end the week…Darling Wife would knock me upside the head if I ever spoke to her like that…besides if she were like that I would be bored to tears…

  2. Frantically and absurdly deranged! Venomous inhabitants! LOL I do love little kittens! And salads from Jack in the Box! :o)

    Actually, FirstHusband was quick to point out the use of the word “harridans” (not inhabitants). It “a disreputable, shrewish old woman” or “hag.” Geekingly enough, he was reading the dictionary one day, found the word and has liked it ever since. He says he has never used the word to describe me. (by JSM)

  3. Thanks for the laugh! What’s scary is that it’s funny because sometimes, it rings true. I have an MBA, and even though I’m not “using it” professionally, I still like to discuss business and policy. But sometimes I feel like that women chiming in with a group of guys talking shop.
    Hilarious, and thought provoking too. Thanks!

  4. Utterly hilarious! Thanks for the funny. One day in a conversation with a “gold standard” type of man, he flabbergastedly said, “How do you know these things?” (because he didn’t). My response, “I am a thinking woman. That’s why.”

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