door to door magazine sales fraud.

The poor guy who just knocked on my door selling magazines didn’t even get to say TWO words before I asked:

“magazine sales, right?”

he smiled.

I pointed at the folded vinyl packet in his hand and said, “I’ve seen that packet before. The magazines never come.”

Shock. Surprise. Opening of the folder to show me the current company name, like that makes any difference. (has he really not figured it out yet?)

I ask, “Did someone in a van drop you off? They’ll pick you up later?”

confused look. wondering. how did I know?

I shake my head no and I say “I’m sorry.”

He explains that a mom just helped him out. She bought magazines and she couldn’t even read.

(I am not stupid and I am unmoved. This has been going on for years, all over the country. The first time I was approached by someone carrying the vinyl packet was in a parking lot at the mall in the 80’s. This scam leads to identity theft, breaking and entering and assault. And you pay too much for magazines that are never delivered. )

I shake my head no and say “I’m sorry. The magazines never come.”

poor guy.

I hope he quits. He’s got a lousy job and a dishonest, exploitive employer.

3 thoughts on “door to door magazine sales fraud.

  1. It isn’t heartless but it is sad about the kid. He only makes a few dollars for the whole day – he’d be better off sitting on the sidewalk with a cup.

  2. I got burned by this scam when I was in college in the early 90’s. Thankfully, the worst that came of it was that I spent too much on magazines that never came, but I didn’t experience identity theft. I don’t think you’re heartless, either, just wise.

  3. Oh, and I forgot to say that I didn’t even really want the magazine anyway. I just felt sorry for the guy who was going door to door and only needed a few more to meet his quota. Right.

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