“. . . therefore I quote” Susie Case

The book I’ve been carrying around in my purse is Women, Faith, And Work: How Ten Successful Professionals Blend Belief. I’m reading along, highlighting with my yellow (non-neon) Sharpie Accent marker and then I got to Susie Case, Professional Volunteer:

Whatever her role is, she’s sure it will relate to the passion she’s had since childhood – helping women realize their dreams. Her friends think so too; whenever she asks them what she’s going to do with the rest of her life, they tell her she’s going to be “Norma Vincent Peale.”

“I know part of that comes out of having grown up with a mom who had a complicated life and a lot of broken dreams, and wishing I could fix her,” Susie says. “Of course I can’t fix her, but I can go out and help other women. My guess is that I’m going to end up doing something that ends up giving women hope in a practical way.“”

“wishing I could fix her.”

Of course I can’t fix her,”

I hadn’t considered that possibility.

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