bummer. x2


This week, I learned where the spare tire is stored on a 2000 Honda Odyssey. Could have lived my whole life without learning that. What I DIDN’T learn? How to extract the tire from its storage location. Once I saw the diagram in the owner’s manual, I thanked God that my husband was not out of town and went back into the house while he taught FavoriteSon how to change a tire. I’ve previously engaged in that learning experience.


This week, I learned what happens when I forget to leave corn in the squirrel feeder for for the raccoons. They just pull the bird feeders up into the tree to empty them. I also learned that I can not fill the bird feeders when they are wedged up in the branches of a tree. I had already learned that corn is cheaper than birdseed.




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8 thoughts on “bummer. x2

  1. Hmmm… I have a Honda Odyssey, too, and I have no idea where the spare is… I should probably find that out… Sorry about your flat!

    Wendy – Thanks. The spare looks ridiculous. I’m dropping the tire off at my friendly mechanic tomorrow for a warranty repair. In the 2000 model, the spare is smack in the middle of all four of our captain’s chairs, under the carpet. What a pain. (by JSM)


  2. That’s funny about the birdfeeders – I can imagine your look when you saw them wedged. Oh dear. Can I help you buy some corn?

    I’m glad you had a husband and son to fix that little tire issue. I’ve had more flat tires than I care to think about, since I moved to Jacksonville. I think I’m up to 5 now. We have free tire repair through our insurance. My husband isn’t handy. 🙂

    Kristin – A ladder didn’t even help me. FirstHusband had to get them down. And I have the corn. I just forgot to fill the squirrel feeder. It’s full tonight. (by JSM)


  3. Oh, I feel your pain/annoyance about the tire!!!

    AND thanks for the idea about the corn for the squirrels…ours tend to empty to bird buffet rather quickly!

    Bless you,


  4. Well what a week you’ve had! I love this what you’ve learned post. I have a Honda Odyssey too, I better locate the spare as well, thanks, now I’ve learned something too!


  5. I have a Sienna and honestly I have no clue where the spare tire is….my last car was a Honda CRV and the tire was on the back in plain sight.
    I guess I should look into finding the spare..I’ve only had the van for 6 years.


  6. You should have called! I found out that is where the spare is located because I don’t have one. Sounds strange, eh? Since I have run flats they have put a lazy Susan thing in that spot in my van. I ended up in a long discussion with another Odyssey owner about tires and it came up that his is in there. I agree, very stupid place to put it!


  7. Mmmmm, you got me thinking I should at least know where the spare is in my van, I think I know, but now I need to know so I can tell someone else where it is!! LOL

    The birdfeeder thing is funny! Great pictures.


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