that’s going to hurt later.

I held a TWO MINUTE plank yesterday!!! My trainer tricked me into it by LYING about the time.

Today, I had no excuse. I was determined to do another one. And yes, my trainer tried to lie to me again and get me to hold it longer than two minutes, but I was not falling for it a second time.

I need to remind her that if she kills me, she will lose a client.

4 thoughts on “that’s going to hurt later.

  1. Hilarious!!

    I think it takes a special kind of person to be a personal trainer. As in sadists. Physically fit sadists.

  2. That’s probably 1 minute 58 seconds longer than I could.

    Stephanie – 🙂 baby steps, baby steps. Hold one for two seconds today. Three seconds tomorrow . . . talk about microactions! (by JSM)

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