my voice is a cat aphrodisiac.


When I rehearse – and I mean really rehearse, not just sing along with the radio while I’m doing the dishes – when I really rehearse, both my cats weird out by stalking me. If I continue, the male cat tries to get busy with his sister.

WHAT is that all about?!

It happens EVERY time. The vet thinks it is hilarious, but has no idea what is going on.

This afternoon I was rehearsing a solo for Easter Sunday. I was standing in front of the entertainment armoire, singing with the demonstration track. I had my eyes closed, singing and listening. I opened my eyes and Bob the cat was literally two inches from my face. Nose to nose. He had jumped up on the fireplace hearth, walked it to get to the armoire and climbed up so he could get right in my face. Both he and his sister do that to me. The last time I was rehearsing at my desk, she kept jumping on the desk and sticking her nose right in my face. I don’t get it. Do they like it? Does the sound hurt their ears? If it does, why don’t they try to get FARTHER away from me instead of closer?

They are freaks.

Today I had to separate them. After I got Bob off the entertainment armoire twice, he went after his sister. He tried to grab her by the back of the neck and she was hissing at him. I broke it up and quit for the day.

Should I take this as a compliment or an insult?

5 thoughts on “my voice is a cat aphrodisiac.

  1. Your vet is right–that’s hilarious!

    My daughter can’t really carry a tune, but she will sing in the shower. Her cat, Cyrano, is pretty much okay with that, unless she sings the old folk song “If I Had a Hammer”–and then he protests loudly.

    We don’t know what that’s about.

  2. Husband laughs at me when I whistle. The cats try to attack me. Who knows what a cat’s hearing range is. Especially considering that most of the time they choose to ignore the sound of a human voice!

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