all benign on the homefront.

That polyp the doctor mentioned? The one she described by saying: “I’ve never seen a cyst like that before. I don’t think that was cancer, it didn’t look like it.”

She was right. It wasn’t cancer! For some blessed reason, I never worried it was, but after FirstHusband posted the doctor’s comment, I wanted to updated this news quickly.

The doc says that polyp and all its little fibroid friends were the source of many a problem from ovulation bleeding, after exercise bleeding, Tuesday’s bleeding, three o’clock in the afternoon bleeding, standing up bleeding, sitting down bleeding, chronic anemia and who knows what else. Let’s blame global warming on that stupid polyp, shall we? I am SO thankful there is no longer a home for such a nasty little intrusion in the future.

I asked the doc if, now, on this side of the operation, she still believes that an abdominal hysterectomy was the right thing to do instead of laproscopic and she says definitely YES. That answer alleviates the doubt I had about adding the tummy tuck. Now I just need to work on the guilt due to the added expense. FirstHusband continues to nick away at that guilt. He has no problem with the expense. I need to get over it. I know me. I will continue to let it nag at me till all the bills are paid and I see our financial state.

So, less than a week post-op and I wholeheartedly AGREE with FirstHusband when he said, months ago, “Just do it. If it was over you’d have done it already.” when I first started talking about a hysterectomy.

5 thoughts on “all benign on the homefront.

  1. It’s better to have two procedures done at once, it’s a lot less risky and a lot less expensive. I think it was a smart financial and physical decision.

    What great news about the test results. Great news.

  2. So it was your polyp that is responsible for the H1N1 flu, huh?! I’ll tell my girl to blame you for all her cancelled field trips! LOL

    Great news!

    Linda – Yes, yes it is. That seems reasonable to say given the fact that there is NO H1N1 epidemic! (I’m right there with you!) There was NOTHING on TV for days except:

    1. Swine flu media circus.
    2. Chrysler/Fiat
    3. Justice Souter stepping down.

    Alright already. That’s why FirstHusband read aloud to me so much. The TV didn’t get much use in that room. (by JSM)

  3. Add my joy to the great news you received. Very refreshing indeed to see how God is answering many prayers.

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