Surgery was Thursday at 9am. I was in recovery from about 3pm to 9pm because there weren’t any beds available, but I think it was the best thing. My recovery nurse, Kay was SO wonderful. I got so much of her time and attention because I was the last one to leave recovery that day.

I was supposed to go home Friday, but my doctor postponed that till Saturday, giving no specific reason. Then Friday night, I developed a fever. It came on fast – I felt fine at 6:45pm but by 8:15pm I was at 102 point something. They took lots and lots of blood, loaded me up on IV antibiotics and by midnight I was feeling much better. My sister and her husband had arrived around 8:30pm and stayed with me for all the blood draws while FirstHusband made a quick trip home to pick up stuff so he could stay the night with me. I’m very aware of the fact that I was originally supposed to be HOME by Friday night. God is good.

After all that, the doctor was not letting me leave on Saturday, which was calm and restful.

The kids both stayed with friends and we are SO grateful. PinkGirl’s friends are twins and their parents are LIFE SAVERS. The original plan was for PinkGirl to stay the night Friday and go to softball with them Saturday morning and get picked up by FirstHusband. After all that happened, PinkGirl ended up with them till Sunday afternoon, swimming in their pool, going to a neighborhood barbecue, borrowing a dress and going to church with them, swimming in their pool . . . she was wiped OUT when she got home Sunday evening. We plan on buying them a restaurant gift certificate and taking their girls for a night or two sometime over the summer. Their kindness can’t be repaid with dinner and babysitting. The gift they gave me was the comfort and peace of knowing that PinkGirl was cared for in such a way that she felt wanted, accepted, comfortable and safe. It was such a huge load off my mind and heart.

FavoriteSon stayed with what we call “the parents he never had.” The mom had a hysterectomy last month and their sons stayed with us. I pray that we were for them that weekend, what Pinkgirl’s friends were to us this weekend. FavoriteSon stayed with them this weekend, but he actually wanted to see me on Saturday (how sweet is that?) so FirstHusband picked him up and we spent some time together Saturday night. He slept in on Sunday while FirstHusband came back to the hospital around 8am Sunday morning.

We got home on Sunday after 6pm and all four of us were just wiped out. Today (Monday), I helped PinkGirl get ready for school from my reclining position in the bed (thank goodness she didn’t want braids today), FirstHusband drove the kids to school and when he came back, we turned off all the phones and slept for 3 hours. My new praise team family brought me dinner tonight and it was a true gift! We are all so tired.

Thanks for all the great comments!

Linda – that homemade splint pillow has been SO GREAT! They had given me a regular old pillow and it didn’t do much good. Coughing was so much more than painful! FirstHusband made me a splint from your directions and I haven’t let it go yet.

JanMary – “don’t make me laugh” is right. I’m not ready for it. Laughing leads to coughing. Coughing still hurts.

Heidi – I accidentally read your joke. Thankfully, It didn’t hurt.

Kristin, Tina, Lisa, Elle and everyone! – thanks for the prayers. They are working! I feel better than I expected to at this point. I hope to go outside for a walk tomorrow. Big talk, I know.

More later. I wrote this in spurts, but I just took a Percocet, so I’m winding down. I love Percocet

6 thoughts on “I’m HOME!

  1. So glad the pillow helped. And especially glad you’re home.

    And I figured your son would like knowing that today is Star Wars Day. . . .

    . . . May the fourth be with you!

  2. I’m so glad to hear you are home – I’m also so happy to hear that you were in the hospital when you got that fever. I spend much of my time at the Mayo Clinic hospital (as a visitor) and I hear the same speeches to the transplant patients over and over again. Fevers are not to be ignored, especially after surgery.

    Each day you will feel better. Prayers still coming your way. Your family is being held by your friends, neighbors, and blogging friends. You have been a gift to all of us in some way or another. What we can do for you, is only a portion of what you have done for us. The wonderful friends who took care of your children did it without thought, they just did it! I’m sure you have been there for them, even if you didn’t know it at the time.

  3. So glad to read you again!

    Sorry the fever interrupted plans, but I’m sure that extra time in the hospital was the best thing for you. Insurance companies are dimwits when it comes to insisting on such early discharges, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.

    Take it easy and consume mass quantities of Percocet and Chocolate. That combo should cover all the bases.

  4. Aaaah. My blog world is right again, for Julie types at PC. FirstHusband did an awesome job of updates, but you’re the girl. Glad you’re home. Glad they gave you Percocet. Glad that surgery day is O.v.e.r.

  5. We can all breathe a little sigh of relief that God has placed into your life such a wonderful crew of helpful and caring friends and family. Enjoy those percocet moments, and milk the attention it for all its worth- for a while at least! :>) So glad you’re home.

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