a matter of perspective.

At the library yesterday, I happened upon this book just laying flat on one of the shelves:

Extraordinary Women: Fantasies Revealed: 58 Women of Accomplishment Portray Hidden Dreams and Real Hopes

58 prominent, accomplished women were asked what they dreamed about becoming when they were children. Surfers, ballerinas, opera singers, Olympians, doctors . . . Each women was featured in a two page layout. Their answers appeared on the left and a photograph portraying them in that role appeared on the right.

What they dreamed about becoming when they were children.

Some of the answers fit the question. But the two that struck me the most didn’t. Instead, they answered the question:

What is your dream? Subtle difference.

The dream of CNN reporter Soledad O’Brien, photographed snuggled in bed with her four children – including twin boys – all under the age of five?

Eight hours of sleep.

Then, you turn the page and you see . . .

Madeleine Albright.

Her dream? Worldwide democracy.

I busted out laughing. Eight hours of sleep vs. worldwide democracy. Did the editors put those two back to back on purpose?

But really. It IS a matter of perspective. Tell me that Madeleine Albright wouldn’t dream of eight hours sleep if she had four kids under five years of age.

5 thoughts on “a matter of perspective.

  1. Good grief! We might have world peace if everyone got 8 hours of sleep a night. Nevermind if you have the kids.

    Elle – A complete sleep cycle is a beautiful thing. (by JSM)

  2. Isn’t that the truth? Sometimes we have to look past the day to day struggles to dare to dream, other times anything beyond the here-and-now is too much too think of…

    Lisa – I totally agree. I attempt that balance every day. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I can’t wait for bedtime. (by JSM)

  3. It truly is a matter of perspective. When people talk with me about my husbands liver transplant and say that they could never get through it like we did, I look at their lives and think that I could say the same about something they have gone through.

    What an interesting book 🙂 Thanks!

    Kristin – I know what you mean. Sometimes God puts me close enough to what I see as a crisis situation to actually see the day to day, logistical dealing with it – like with my friend who had stage IV breast cancer – and it keeps me focused on what’s important in my life. You just end up doing what you have to do. And most of the time, NOT doing all the stuff you really don’t have to do. Ya just take each decision at a time, each action at a time, each minute at a time. (by JSM)

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