weird al: white and nerdy. and funny.

I’m adding to my “little known facts” today. Here’s the latest:

“Weird Al is on my mp3 player.”

I think he’s flippin hilarious, and brilliantly creative! I love his fast paced wit. The final youtube video for “White and Nerdy” has embedding disabled, but this pre-production video allowed it.

Can you tell who that is dancing in the background? I know Weird Al is supposed to be the main attraction, but I can’t stop watching Donny. He’s fearless. And a great sport!

CLICK HERE if you want to watch the completed video and find out what they did with the green screen.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will love it! We can’t wait for September 21st!!!! Season 3!!!

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4 thoughts on “weird al: white and nerdy. and funny.

  1. Oh My Goodness! I loved it! I watched both. The person who had the hardest workout was poor Danny! LOL I may have to watch this a few more times. I laughed so hard. THank you!

  2. Oh my goodness! Donny Osmond in the back ground was cracking me up!!! He’s got some serious moves at his age! LOL
    Loved it!
    Happy Friday my friend.

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