Stop holding me a-counter-able!

So says FavoriteSon. Three days after I declared myself the “counter tyrant.”

Every time I see one tiny little thing on the counter, I start asking, “Who left this here?” “Who used this?” “What is this?” “Where does this go?” “Can I get rid of this?”

Then I start calling children: “PinkGirl? FavoriteSon? Come put this away. Come throw this away.” Finally, in frustration, FavoriteSon came up with the protest which titles this post.

I kinda like it.

I couldn’t take it anymore. On Saturday, I cleaned the kitchen counter. I put every. single. thing. away. A conglomeration of STUFF. The tribbles of the kitchen counter.

Today, right now? A clear counter AND a clear kitchen table.

Three days and count(er)ing.

6 thoughts on “Stop holding me a-counter-able!

  1. It’s a magnet for stuff. If you put ONE LITTLE THING on it stuff just comes to keep it company!

    Tina – Ain’t it the truth! I refer to that very first item as “the beginning of the end” of the clean counter. (by JSM)

  2. I try to get rid of the counter tribbles. I do. I try. But they multiply so quickly, it’s nearly impossible to keep up sometimes! I spent this weekend ridding my world of the stuff that accumulates by the door, on the dining room table and on my desk. I was successful!

    Today? Another pile developed by the kids’ bedtime. UUUUGH.

    Amy – I’m as much to blame as anyone else. Somehow, I’ve been able to STOP myself from putting anything down instead of away. The kids are becoming increasingly frustrated with the “come here” of it all. Hopefully, the annoyance will be motivating enough to make them think twice before setting something down. So far, so good. Day 4 and still clear. (by JSM)

  3. Can’t you just feel the chi flowing now? Good stuff, and good for you!

    Heidi – oooo, my kitchen is FULL of chi right now!!! My laundry room has no chi. (by JSM)

  4. I’m bad to do that to the dining room table or the kitchen table. Then I started putting a pretty table topper or runner or tablecloth on it and did much better.

    Now I just dump everything in the chair and slide it under the table.

  5. We have a couch on the way into our kitchen named the Colorado Couch (b/c that’s where we bought it). Anyway, that couch regularly collects the tribbles and gremlins.

    We have the “you put it away or I will” mantra. They know I choose the round file if they take the second option.

  6. As I look around the only flat surface that doesn’t have any paper (mail, junk mail, etc) is the kitchen counter. I don’t even have nay kids to blame lol

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