thankful. 11.10.09

I’m so thankful . . .

For my ability to write without pain or numbness in my hand. I’m thankful the arthritis in my neck is not causing me pain or limited movement right now. I’m thankful for the days I forget I even have arthritis in my neck.


I’m participating in a month of Thanksgiving hosted by Rebecca Writes. If you want to join in, post something you are thankful for and then link up over at Rebecca’s blog!

2 thoughts on “thankful. 11.10.09

  1. Definitely. A few weeks ago, I managed through bad computer habits to inflame my something arpal arpeggio tendon doowaddy in my elbow. Pain up and down my whole arm, tingling in the fingers stuff. Very thankful that it is has now calmed down and I’m working on my bad computer habits–no more leaning on my elbows while reading.

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