Notice What Others Overlook and You’ll See Opportunities they Don’t.

If You Want to Recognize Opportunity, Pay Attention.

Notice What Others Overlook and You’ll See Opportunities They Don’t. Seems simple. but you know as well as I do ...
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Joshua 1 9 prayer

whatever may pass and whatever lies before me.

Sunday evening. Easter Sunday. I was sitting at the kitchen table, focused on my laptop. PinkGirl came over and turned ...
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peace is not the absence of darkness

four minutes with God: in the dark, surrounded by trees.

a Quote: "A friend of mine is a singer. From time to time she goes to record vocal tracks at ...
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specifically, providence and coincidence. providence: capitalized : God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny coincidence: the occurrence ...
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dark night of soul annie dillard

the dark night.

and no. I'm not talking about Holy DARK KNIGHT, Batman. I had never even heard about the dark night until ...
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sound of silence

two steps forward. one step back.

If you read my last post, "growing pains" you know I've been having trouble seeing God's hand in my life ...
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Come Thou Fount Here I raise mine Ebenezer

four minutes with God: 2 Chronicles 5:13-14

a Quote: "...what I testify to is the power of visual art, and especially music...They have the potential to awaken ...
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Gods Mercy Never Fails Hebrews 4 16

four minutes with God: Hebrews 4:15-16

a Quote: " did the early Christians pray for joy? First, we may assume that they prayed the prayers of ...
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simplify clarify magnify

reading. thinking. cleaning. painting. purging.

When my head is a mess, I am compelled to order my environment. My husband is scared right now. happy ...
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