I’m on facebook. I joined for one reason. Because my 14 year old son wanted to open a facebook account. I said “yes, if you friend me.”

He did.

From the frequency of my blog posts since November, you can probably tell I don’t spend a lot of discretionary time on the computer these days. Real life’s just very full right now. Virtual life takes a backseat to breathing people who stand right in front of me. So, I’m not a big “facebooker.” Although this commercial cracks me up EVERY time. The dad’s laugh at the end. Bwahahaha. It is so fun to exasperate kids sometimes.

So. I joined facebook. I get on facebook to check my son’s wall. A few things those interested should know about me:

1. I don’t poke and I don’t throw pillows.
2. I “HIDE” all cartoon land updates on my news feed.
3. I will never want my very own platypus.
4. A virtual (facebook) hug is an oxymoron.
5. Virtual flowers?
6. Virtual hearts?
7. Virtual kisses?
8. I am VERY happy facebook lets me HIDE apps now. I do.
9. I have chat turned off because I’m usually on and off so fast. Email.
10. I don’t accept friend requests from people who rarely speak/spoke to me in real life. It’s weird.
(Interacting in blog comments = speaking in real life – you are an active part of my world!)

This guy understands me. (Although I don’t agree with #9 and I don’t know what “flair” is.)

This video response is a little slow, but, starting with #3, it did make me laugh.

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5 thoughts on “facebook.

  1. OH my friend. I am laughing so hard at this. The first video is classic because that would so be me and my husband if we had those iphones. And the second video I could have made myself! LOL! I didn’t get a chance to watch the third but I’ll probably come back later for that.
    Thanks for linking up today!

  2. I loved these!! Lots of truth in them!!! My favorite was the first one though!! I have a soft spot for “oldies”, since I am one!! Have a great weekend.

  3. I can always depend upon you for a Friday laugh. So, if I call and talk to you on the phone once a week, will you friend me? Tee hee.

    Elle – After your comment, I had to add an update for #10 above: blog comment interaction equals speaking, dontcha think? (by JSM)

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