ahi and mahi

Loving our boat – and my husband and son – they caught a black fin tuna and 3 mahi-mahi on Saturday!

That translated to pan-seared Ahi on Saturday night, and baked mahi-mahi for lunch on Sunday, dinner on Sunday and dinner Tuesday – so far. Yum!

More mahi in the freezer – and we’re hoping to go fishing again this weekend! Thank you God for boats, good (and safe) fishing and cajun spices.

And thank you that this city girl doesn’t have to personally fillet these fish. ewww.

2 thoughts on “ahi and mahi

  1. Do you fish on the Gulf or the Atlantic coast?

    Tina – We go out the channel at Cape Canaveral on the east coast. Right past all the giant cruise ships! They caught these about 13 miles off shore. (by JSM)

  2. I’m amazed that city girl knows how to cook those fish!

    Stephanie – I only know how to bake it. FirstHusband grills some seriously good king mackerel, but I REALLY want to learn how to blacken the mahi-mahi!!! That’s my favorite! I just don’t want my learning curve to ruin any mahi! (by JSM)

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