I have the attention span of a tweet.

These kids are throwing off my blogging groove! It occurred to me that during this time (summer with kids at home), I have had the attention span of a Facebooker and/or a Tweeter. I’m thinking in pieces parts. I have proof. Here are some of my updates over the last month:

Julie Mills was snuggling with a sleepy PinkGirl this morning.
Me: “I love you.”
PinkGirl: “I love you more.”
Me, going straight for the win: “I love you to infinity.”
PinkGirl: “Well, I love you to Buzz Lightyear.”
To Infinity. AND BEYOND!!!

July 4th: just spent 3 hours standing under the corner of a tent waiting for the rain to stop so PinkGirl could perform on stage at a local park’s 4th of July celebration. The rain never stopped. There was no performance. sigh.

July 8th: The testosterone poisoning in this house is reaching an all time high. FavoriteSon is pretty upset. His FB post reads “Lebron just ruined the nba for everyone whos not a heat fan” FirstHusband says “the Magic are still the best team in the east even with ME-bron in Miami. The Heat have no answer for D12.”

July 11th: Lord, please have mercy on us as we completely reinstall a computer.

“Now select the brand spanking new partition you’ve just created to install Windows on. Format the drive as NTFS . . . Depending on the size of the drive and how fast your computer is, this will take some time. Get a sandwich.” Seriously. That’s what the instructions read. “Get a sandwich.”

THANK YOU LORD! Partition created, Windows XP installed, network set up, file sharing working, Windows Update installed and the DREADED Genuine Validation Tool is allowing SP2!!! (can you tell I’m bored? But I’m HAPPY to be bored during this process instead of stressed)

This has been a relatively painless, lengthy process. In case anyone cares, the Brother MFC-7840w needs a static IP address (instead of dynamic) or it will remain in “offline” mode until you die.

THANK YOU GOD. My phone has been under a heat lamp for about 4 hours now and has NOT gone into an endless sync loop. Which it was doing yesterday after hours in my pocket in the Florida heat. Treos are very sensitive to humidity. I will use a phone case. I will use a phone case. I will use a phone case.

bummed. My favorite little (humidity sensitive) red Treo 680 is back to the endless sync loop that started yesterday after spending hours in my pocket in the Florida sun. It had 6 hours of normal behavior after hours under a hot lamp and then 1 text message sent it back to the endless sync loop. I have to go to eBay now. If I don’t text you back, call me, I’ll be checking voice mail.

July 12th: is in computer heaven right now. The ease with which we completely reloaded our older (2002) desktop prompted us to do the same with our laptop. They are both SO FAST now! It’s like Christmas!

have a working phone today. at the moment. I can receive calls, sometimes even make a call, but if you text me and I don’t text back to confirm I got it, jump right to the assumption that my phone is too busy trying to sync itself to receive your text. My new shiny red Treo 680 hasn’t shipped yet.

got an email at 3:06 pm: “Your item(s) has been marked as shipped.” My shiny new Red Treo is on its way! Meanwhile, my current humidity damaged Treo is nested in a sealed container of rice. And the rice is getting soft. Who knew?

wondering what the mechanic will say after they inspect my van. The blinkers have been working intermittently for over a week and tonight all the lights on the dash went completely dark – unless I turned the left blinker on. Then the radio lights flash in time with the signal. And then there’s that burning smell near the back left of the tailgate. sigh. I get to drive a Ford F250 tomorrow.

July 14th: still driving a Ford F250 today. If you are driving a Miata or a Corvette or something equally as short, you should probably stay far, far away.

I believe that mechanics should NEVER say “WOW!” and doctors should never say “uh oh.”

I love Google – and AutoMech in Oviedo! When I searched my van’s weird electronic symptoms, my research led to a possible short in the wiring of an aftermarket tow package. AutoMech just called. There was a short and they disconnected the wiring to the hitch. Do I want to fix it? no. If I want to tow something, I’ll use a Ford F250.

07/15/10: Why do I have the song “If I Only Had a Brain” stuck in my head?

07/16/10: Watching my daughter’s face as she watches a play is better than watching the play.

I do realize this copy/paste thing is cheat blogging. Hopefully, the blogging will get better after August 12th. That would be the first day of school, the first day back into my routine, the first day back to complete thoughts . . .

2 thoughts on “I have the attention span of a tweet.

  1. I can’t believe you guys start back on Aug 12th!! We start the week before Labor Day. And although I don’t tweet or use twitter, I would say that that is how my summer is going as well. Children don’t have long attention spans. Therefore spending long amounts of time with them will do that to you (me). Your computer paragraphs remind me of talking to my husband (blah blah blah, blah blah blah), although I actually understood the bit about static vs dynamic IP addresses b/c we had the same situation a few years ago. We even had to go with a business acct with Verizon so we could have a static IP address. Stupid!
    Looking forward to reading regular stuff after Aug 12, but don’t expect the same from me until Sept! 😀

  2. I am with you there, sister. Complete thoughts is only the name of the blog, not the identity of its writer. This past month has been stuttering thoughts or half-thoughts at best. Too much stimulus, not enough focus. Vacation has lost some meaning. Off to find it while humming, “If Only I Had A Brain”.

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