peel me a grape. again.

I posted this as an audio clip and wrote a dedication to FirstHusband on our 20th wedding anniversary, August 11th, but here’s a youtube version.

Peel Me a Grape is one of “our” songs (really, after 20 years, how can we have only ONE song?). The lyrics are so completely opposite of the mini-van driving, pragmatic woman I am and the kind of relationship we have, that they make us laugh. And laughter all wrapped up in sultry? That’s romance for us. We both loved it from the moment we heard it.

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7 thoughts on “peel me a grape. again.

  1. Is that you singing? If it is you rock! I had never heard that song before. I can’t believe in 20 years you’ve stuck to one song. That’s impressive especially this one that you say doesn’t even apply! LOL!
    Have a fabulous day.

  2. I love the sultriness – well done! I can totally imagine you singing this.

    (P.S. Just my opinion, but I’d have them bring out the vocals a tad more next time – the walking bass line is a touch overpowering in the first few verses before the instrumental break, but much better afterwards).

    The second and last verses are my favorites – totally clever! The idea of someone peeling a grape to satisfy hunger is hilarious!

    And oh yes, happy 20th anniversary to you both!

    1. Debbie – Thanks! I should have mentioned this is an unmixed recording. I just recorded it last week and asked for a rough cut that same night. I record at a local school and the students spend a month mixing it. I usually get 5 or 6 mixes for every song I record, along with all the raw files so I can give them to a professional if I want to (and when I get the money). I just received the July mixes today! Haven’t even listened to them yet. (by JSM)

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