status updates: August 2010

Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to during the month of August:

August 5 – don’t like working out first thing in the morning but LOVE starting the day with my workout behind me. I’m just sayin.

August 7 – PinkGirl is auditioning for a production of Seussical the Musical today and parts will be announced on August 16 – NINE painfully long days later. If I were to receive a penny for every time I hear the questions “Mom, do you think I got in?” and “What part do you think I got?” during these next nine days, I would become a millionaire in less than one of them.

She wants every singe part. Kind of a problem.

August 7 (later) – She made it into the production, but I was wrong about the date for announcing the parts. It will be the first day of rehearsal – August 21st!!! EEK. That’s TWO weeks from today. I’ve already told her she will owe me a nickel for every time she asks me what part I think she got. I earned 10 cents on the way home from the audition.

August 9 – SERIOUSLY loving contact lenses instead of reading glasses! I’ve been tethered to reading glasses for the last five years! WHY didn’t I think of doing this before?

August 9 (After comments suggesting Lasik) – Just researched it. My only vision problem is presbyopia (aging eyes), so I only need glasses for reading. Supposedly, “LASIK has absolutely no effect” and “it does not correct ordinary presbyopia.”

Bummer. BUT, from what I can tell, if… I develop distance vision problems, I might be a candidate for the monovision Lasik.

August 10 – busy day for the chauffeur (tha’d be me). High school orientation, back home for lunch, football practice, school supply shopping, then lower school orientation, sports physical for FavoriteSon, back to finish lower school orientation. Later, I have a date with a treadmill and some dumbbells (and I’m not talking about my kids).

August 10 (later) – add a bank run. and (big surprise) I need to fill up the gas tank again. I hope that’s it for the day.

I need a nice relaxing lunch with some great friends! That would be Thursday with Faith Circle!

August 10 (even later) – yeah. Treadmill didn’t happen. Distractions win.

August 10 (different update) – Thank you Staples for price matching Walmart on the TI 84 graphing calculator we had to get for FavoriteSon. The bad news: spent $90. Good news: Saved $20. And the register printed out the rebate paperwork offered for the original Staples price. I’m gonna fill it out and see what happens.

(and YES! I got the $15 rebate too!)

August 11 – Julie is married.

(Commemorated my 20th wedding anniversary by finally entering my facebook relationship status.)

Also posted a link to my anniversary present to the Hubs. I recorded my interpretation of “Peel Me a Grape” at my August studio session.

August 12 – LOVES AT&T wireless! Just got the phone bill for the time of our cruise to the Bahamas and it was $315.87!! eek! They had accidentally applied all the international features I ordered to FavoriteSon’s phone instead of mine. So, instead of transferring the usage to the right phone, they REMOVED the charges! THANK YOU GOD! and AT&T!

August 12 – getting ready to teach FavoriteSon how to cover a textbook with a brown paper sack. Good times. Good times. (actually, it is, isn’t it?)

Unfortunately, PinkGirl’s text books are paperback and have to be covered in clear contact paper. FirstHusband does those. When I work with contact paper, it isn’t pretty. I’m not… allowed to use super glue either.

August 13 – I HATE me some wall squats.

August 13 –
PinkGirl: “Fourth grade is . . .”
“da bomb?”
PinkGirl: “No offense, mom, but you’re too old to say that.”

August 13 – Today was the 2nd morning of school and PinkGirl was snuggled deep in the covers when I went in to wake her up. Me: “FOURTH GRADE! When did THAT happen?” From underneath the covers, I hear a quiet, sleepy little voice: “yesterday.”

August 14 – going out on the boat tomorrow. Praying for a clear day. For 1 to 2 foot seas. For LATE afternoon rain. For a day of basking and reading for me, a day of good fishing for my favorite men and a day of non-sea sickness and fun for my daughter

August 14 (later) – What a GREAT day on the boat! At one point, we discovered THREE porpoise RIGHT at the bow of our boat, up near the surface! They swam with us for a while until I foolishly reached down to try and touch one, then, they took off. Seas were nearly FLAT, weather was beautiful and my men caught 3 king mackerel!

August 16 – just walked 3 miles in 52 minutes and finished upper body, ab & back strength training. stick a fork in me, I’m DONE.

August 16 – listening to FirstHusband and FavoriteSon talk about an algebra II homework problem. Son: “I’ve got it.” Hubs: “You’re close. You just forgot one little thing.” THANK you God that I am not the parent who has to help with algebra homework, because I have no idea what that one thing is.

August 16 – Dear political candidates: Stop helping us decide. When your recorded messages call our phone multiple times per day, we don’t answer. Then we delete the messages in bulk without listening to them. Your junk mail goes straight into our recycle bin. And we fast forward through all your attack ads when we watch our DVR’d TV shows. I’ll do my own research, thankyouverymuch.

August 17 – just finished walking my three miles. I’m telling myself to do wall squats today. I wonder if I will listen.

August 17 (comment later) – I did them, but I wasn’t happy about it at the time. NOW? Just happy they are over.

August 18 – discovered a new treadmill laptop tray activity: paying bills online. Getting rid of debt and calories at the same time.

(I’m copying my August Facebook updates while I’m on the treadmill right now!)

August 19 – 3 Miles. 51 Minutes. 1 Blister.

(didn’t wear my moisture wicking socks)

August 20 – will be having a glass of red wine and a piece of dark chocolate later, all while pretending there’s no such thing as networked printers. or clients. Networked printers – and clients – will exist again on Monday. That said, THANK YOU LORD, for compensated work.

August 21 – Jo Jo is in the house! PinkGirl got the part she really wanted in Seussical the Musical! Don’t be jealous, but I get to listen to Seussical music every day from now until November. Especially Jo Jo’s song. Anything’s Possible!!

August 23 – arg. cat threw up on the treadmill belt. Now I have to clean before I walk. Or I could just roll the belt a little and let the hubs walk first. sigh. I suppose that would be mean. And since it’s logistically impossible for the cat to puke on the underside of the belt, he would figure it out. He’s smart that way.

August 25 – absolutely loved this kid!

August 25 – public service announcement: when shopping at Target, don’t wear khaki pants and a red shirt. It wasn’t me. I’m just sayin.

August 27 – just had her annual mammogram for 2010. If you’re overdue for one, stop making excuses and GET ONE. Took 30 minutes from the time I got there til I drove away.

AND the radiology center I went to handed me PRE-filled paperwork because I had been there before! Just had to initial the correct information. WHY don’t all medical facilities do this?

Really, if I’ve been there before, do they NOT know who I am? Ya know my social is already in their computer data base, do I really need to arrive 15 minutes early to write it on a form?

August 27 – the Hubs went to my son’s first football game of the year – and the first game in which he was a starter! It was over an hour away, so PinkGirl and I stayed home. I posted FirstHusband’s text messages as a facebook update:

7:29 – FavoriteSon Mills with a tackle for only a 2 yard gain followed by a turnover!
7:57 – INTERCEPTION FavoriteSon!

August 29 – I will never wear skinny jeans. Nev. er.

August 30 – To all the organizations who are currently holding on to the checks we sent you via online bill pay: DEPOSIT them already! It looks like I have lots of money in my checking account, but I know I really don’t and I’m tired of doing math to figure out how much is really available. If you don’t really need the money we… sent you, send the check back please.

August 30 – Sometimes I just make things harder than they need to be.

August 30 – only have two more days to log miles walked for August. As of yesterday, it was 28 miles. ya know I’m on the treadmill as I type this.

August 30 (comment later) – I may regret this tomorrow, but I walked 7 miles in two hours today. 3.5 this afternoon and 3.5 tonight. All while using my laptop on my treadmill tray. Going in the sauna now.

August 30 – Since my first blog post back in November of 2007, I’ve had 100,131 hits! Passed the 100,000 mark yesterday and didn’t even notice.

August 31 – We call it the death of a thousand paper cuts – from all the checks we have to write to school: picture day check for each kid, football fee for FavoriteSon, drama club fee for PinkGirl, Entertainment book fundraiser, lunches ordered for the month, yearbook cost for each kid, theme day tshirt . . . sigh.

August 31 – Done walking for August. Total: 40 Miles (

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