Hey JC, JC won’t you smile at me die for me?

I have musical traditions.

Our family has to listen to Nat King Cole sing “the chestnut song” (The Christmas Song) while we decorate the Christmas tree.

Satchmo has to sing What A Wonderful World in my house on Thanksgiving. Multiple times.

and on Palm Sunday, I have to listen to Hosanna (“Hosanna, Heysanna”) from Jesus Christ Superstar. Has to be done.

I was introduced the Jesus Christ Superstar at 15, when my chorus teacher trusted me with my very first solo. It was “I Don’t Know How To Love Him. I wasn’t a Christian.

I had absolutely no idea what I was singing about.

Flash forward . . . a few years. It’s never been easier to listen to this song – now I get to WATCH it too. And this year, I noticed something I never caught when I listened to the audio recordings. If I ever noticed it while watching before, I flippantly attributed it to a video glitch, although seeing it now, I wonder how I ever made that mistake.

Watch the 10 seconds that begin around 2:29 minute mark.

3 thoughts on “Hey JC, JC won’t you smile at me die for me?

  1. I grew up listening to “Jesus Christ, Superstar” on vinyl. I’d lay on the floor on my stomach in front of the record player and follow along to every word (the lyrics were printed in the album booklet), but I’ve never seen a movie version of it! Stage, yes, but not movie! That 10 second clip is very foreshadow-y, no?

    1. Debbie – “foreshadow” is the exact word I used too – and long time no see! Just peeked over at 12musings and realized you’re blogging again! Loved the conversation between Miss R and Miss E. (by JSM)

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