sick pants.

FirstHusband came home & I went to the top of the stairs to talk to him.

Me: “I’m up here.


Doing nothing.


Just started.”

FirstHusband: “What just started?”

Me: “Me. Doing nothing.”

FirstHusband: “Go for it.”

Me: “It’s not the same.”

FirstHusband, sympathetically: “Did you throw away your sick pants?”

Me: “no. (sigh) They’re just too giant. I have to hold them up when I walk.”

FirstHusband: “that’s a GOOD thing.”

Me: “I know. (pause) But these aren’t the same.”

FirstHusband: “I’m sorry.”


I’m not the only one who has “sick pants” right?

(Mine are were plaid flannel. You know, that really, really soft flannel that comes from decades of use? But. They are XL. and I wear a medium now. and the elastic waistband is as old as the flannel. Warning: I’m not sure I’m done mourning them yet.)

I need to go into the sauna again and burn some germs. die germs. die.

2 thoughts on “sick pants.

  1. If you sew, you could put in some elastic on the sides (like the kids’ pants have these days) to fit the new, skinnier you. Sorry you’ve been so under the weather. It STINKS. Are you feeling any better now?


    1. Tina – I tried them on again today and actually looked in a mirror. I really need to give them up. They are absolutely HUGE. My daughter could get in them WITH me. Besides. They have pockets on the sides. And sewing? BWahahaha! (by JSM)


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